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This page is about the mod called Esteemed Innovation. For other uses, see Esteemed Innovation.
Esteemed Innovation
Modicon Esteemed Innovation
Current developersEsteemed Innovation Team
Supported Minecraft versions1.11.2
Depends onCodeChickenLib
Esteemed Innovation API
Discord serverLink
IRC channel#TheSteamTankconnect
Mod IDesteemedinnovation
esteemedinnovationapi[note 1]

Esteemed Innovation is the primary mod developed by the Esteemed Innovation Team. It is the successor to Flaxbeard's Steam Power, and as such, much of its content is similar or identical.

The scope of Esteemed Innovation, contrary to Flaxbeard's Steam Power, extends beyond merely steam power and technology, and includes researching systems. At its core, it is still revolved around Steam Networks and steam technology. One of the primary design aspects of the mod is that its machines affect blocks in the world. Rather than machines being operated by using GUIs to input materials for processing, they are operated by performing actions in the world, often by placing the materials to process in front of the machine.

It includes in-game documentation in the form of the Esteemed Innovation journal.

The required materials and the metalcasting system remain virtually unchanged from Flaxbeard's Steam Power.

The mod is currently unreleased and being alpha tested among the Wanderlust Renewed community, which includes the majority of the members of the development team.


  • Changelog
  • API Changelog

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  1. The Esteemed Innovation API is a separate mod. The ID for the main mod is esteemedinnovation while the ID for the API mod is esteemedinnovationapi.