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This page is about the Esteemed Innovation item from Flaxbeard's Steam Power. For other uses, see Esteemed Innovation.
Esteemed Innovation

ModFlaxbeard's Steam Power
Flaxbeard's Steam Power Information
Journal entry Preface
I have decided to delve into the fantastical world of steam technology. I created this spiffy journal to record my exciting discoveries.
Any time I stumble upon something new, I'll jot it down, lest I need it later.
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Esteemed Innovation is the in-game documentation journal from Flaxbeard's Steam Power. It contains lore-heavy information on the mod's items, blocks, and concepts. It includes a Recent Creations section, which lists recent addition to the mod. This book is not required for progression through the mod.

If the player is looking directly at a block that has an entry in the journal, they can sneak-use the book to quickly access its entry. Likewise, if the player's cursor in their inventory is pointed at an item with an entry, they can control-click it to access its entry.

The Esteemed Innovation Team, who maintain Flaxbeard's Steam Power and its mobile variant, is named after this item.



Version history
Prerelease 13ADDITION: Support for shapeless recipes in the book
0.25.0ADDITION: Recent Creations section in Esteemed Innovation (where new things will go)
0.260 ADDITION: Clicking on an item in 'Esteemed Innovation' will take you to its page
ADDITION: Ctrl+clicking on a FSP item in your inventory will take you to its page
ADDITION: Right clicking on an FSP block with Esteemed Innovation will go to its page
0.263FIX: Fixed typos in Esteemed Innovation journal
0.265FIX: (dmillerw) Fixed Esteemed Innovation click handling (#124)
0.27.0FIX: (dmillerw) Fixed null Yeti Hide recipe. This fixes a crash bug with the Esteemed Innovation and stops Hardcore Ender Expansion from complaining (#146 and #145)
0.28.2FIX: Server crash when shift-clicking an object from FSP with the journal. This has only been tested on LAN; not actual servers. If the issue still persists on servers, please let us know (it shouldn't). (#168)
0.290TWEAK: Entries opened through shift or control clicking now open to their first page, rather than the page that contains their recipe (#377).
FIX: Pages in the Esteemed Innovation journal no longer overlay on top of each other when the book is opened through in-world shift clicking or in-inventory control clicking (#287).
REFIX: Server crash caused by shift-right clicking things with the Esteemed Innovation journal (#168 #347 #362).
FIX: Fix crash that occurred when looking at the ore page in Esteemed Innovation (#321) (jaredlll08).
0.292FIX: Improve entry finding code for ctrl/sneak clicking stuff with the Esteemed Innovation journal. This resolves the issue where these features will take you to the middle/end of an entry (for the crafting recipe) or the first page in an entry with many different subentries like the upgrade pages. For example: Steam Hammer would take you to its crafting recipe, and Timber Chain would take you to Forest Fire. These issues never existed at the same time, but there was always at least one of them present. Now, neither.
TWEAK: New "single button trackpad" config option to resolve issues with single-button trackpad users (like those who use a Macbook with no mouse, like me) not being able to use the ctrl-click feature with the Esteemed Innovation journal. This will make the ctrl-click feature not care which mouse button is down, as long as one of them is, as LWJGL seems to register all single-button trackpad clicks as only a single mouse button, rather than 0 and 1 respectively (L and R).