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Witchery Information

Witches' Brews
This effect causes blocks to melt, instantly destorying [sic] any except obsidian (which is mearly [sic] broken). Creatures hit will take damage (as will armor they are wearing).
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Altar Power required for brew 200
Altar Power required for ritual 280
Effect level 2
Brew component type Effect

Erosion is a level 2 custom brew effect component from Witchery. It is obtained by putting an Oil of Vitriol in the brew before bottling.

A potion with any dispersal method will have its effect. If the potion applies to an entity, they, along with any armor they are wearing, will take damage. If the potion applies to blocks, it will destroy the blocks in an area around its position of impact. Obsidian blocks will drop, but all other types of blocks will simply vanish. The damage dealt and the range is dependent on the power of the potion.