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Environmental Controller

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The Environmental Controller is a machine added by RFTools. It can be thought of as a high-tech Beacon. When configured with appropriate modules, the Environmental Controller will project an invisible, cylindrical field in a configurable area that applies the effects specified by the modules. The size of the field is configurable. The player must specify the minimum and maximum Y-levels and the radius. Power usage is calculated from the combination of effects and the volume of blocks affected. Effects may be set to affect players, mobs or a combination of both.

The area of effect is invisible. Care should be used to determine the boundaries of the field if using the Flight Module without the Feather Falling Module!


Power Consumption

The power required to run an Environmental Controller varies according to the installed modules and the volume of the area of effect. The power requirements are not displayed in the GUI however if the player has The One Probe active, the power consumption and area of affect will be displayed when looking at the controller block.

Example power requirements

Effect Min Y Max Y Radius Power (RF/t)
Flight 64 128 29 1,372
Flight 64 128 49 3,922
Flight 64 128 70 8,004
Regeneration III 64 128 49 4,412

The power cost of multiple effects simply adds. Thus Flight and Regeneration III in a radius 49 area draws 8,334 RF/t.

As the volume of a cylinder is calculated by multiplying the height by π.r2, increasing the radius dramatically increases the power requirements.

Entities Affected

The Environmental Controller can be configured to affect only certain groups of entities. Available options are:

  • Blacklist - specify players that will not be affected
  • Whitelist - specify players that will be affected
  • All mobs (passive and hostile)
  • Hostile mobs only
  • Passive mobs only
  • All Players and mobs

Note: Each controller can only affect a single group of entities. If you wanted, for example, Flight for friendly players and Blindness for hostile players, two Environmental Controllers would be required.

Modules and Effects

Note: Power cost is RF/t per cubic block.

Buff Modules Effect Power
Regeneration Module Regeneration 0.0015
Regeneration Plus Module Regeneration III 0.0045
Speed Module Speed 0.001
Speed Plus Module Speed III 0.003
Haste Module Haste 0.001
Haste Plus Module Haste III 0.003
Saturation Module Saturation 0.001
Saturation Plus Module Saturation III 0.003
Feather Falling Module Feather Falling 0.001
Feather Falling Module Feather Falling 0.003
Flight Module Gives creative flight 0.004
Peaceful Module Prevents hostile mob spawning 0.0015
Water Breathing Module Water Breathing 0.001
Night Vision Module Night Vision 0.003
Debuff Modules Effect Power
Blindness Module Blindness 0.01
Weakness Module Weakness 0.01
Poison Module Poison 0.02
Slowness Module Slowness 0.012
Utility Modules Effect Power
Glowing Module Glowing 0.001
Luck Module Luck 0.002
No Teleport Module Prevents Endermen from teleporting 0.002

Using the Environmental Controller

  1. Place effect modules in the module slots on the left side of the Environmental Controller's interface.
  2. Adjust the area of effect using the Radius slider and entering minimum and maximum values for Height.
  3. Adjust the entities affected using the toggle at the bottom-left.
  4. Set the Redstone Mode if desired (defaults to always on)
  5. If the Environmental Controller has sufficient power, the effects will become active within a few seconds.



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