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Entity Detector Modules

ModSteve's Carts
TypeSteve's Carts Module
Steve's Carts Properties
Compatible Hulls
Addon typeEntity Detector
Module typeAddon

Entity Detectors in Steve's Carts are addon modules that work in conjunction with the Advanced Shooter. The Advanced Shooter will target only the entities specified in its GUI with an Entity Detector.

Entity Detectors

Name Compatible Hulls Modular Cost Construction Time
Normal Entity Detectors

Entity Detector: Animal

1 0 sec

Entity Detector: Monster

1 0 sec

Entity Detector: Player

7 18 sec

Entity Detector: Villager

1 0 sec
Halloween 2012

Entity Detector: Bat

1 0 sec
  • Modular Cost - The cost to add it to a hull and what hull it can be added to based on the hull's complexity cap
  • Construction Time - Actual real-time to build in that module