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This page is about the Entity Detector from FirePeripherals. For other uses, see Entity Detector.
Entity Detector

TypeSolid block

The Entity Detector is a block added by FirePeripherals that interacts with the Computers of ComputerCraft and detects the last entity that went on the block.



The Entity Detector detects and returns the name of the last entity, which passes the top of the block. The detector don't detect entity in the surrounding environment. The block can be placed directly on a Computer, or can be connected with a Wired Modem and Networking Cable, respectively with a Wireless Modem, with a computer.

  • At first the Entity Detector must be wrapped to the computer with following command [1]:
entityd = peripheral.wrap("side")

The variable "entityd" is the address of the block for the following commands and can be chosen arbitrarily. For the parameter side the values "left", "right", "bottom", "top", "front" and "back" can be entered depending on which side of the computer the Redstone I/O block is.

  • The following command ask the Intity Detector after the last entity that went over the block and returns a string with the name of the entity [1]:

It returns for example the string "EntityPlayerMP" for the player, and "EntityChicken" for a chicken.