Enhanced Portals 3

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Enhanced Portals 3
Modicon Enhanced Portals 3.png
Current developersAlz454
Past developersKazriusRex
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10

Enhanced Portals 3 is a mod, originally by Alz454, later maintained by KzariusRex, and then given back to Alz454. Its aim is to expand upon portals, obviously, and to make them much more interesting and useful. Portals from this mod can be used to transport players, creatures, items, liquids, and energy anywhere. They can lead to different places in the same world, and different dimensions. They also allow to be any shape possible, as long as it is flat and closed. The colors can also be altered.

Enhanced Portals 3 uses Redstone Flux for its power system, and as such, it logically requires any mod that adds Redstone Flux production devices, as it does not add any of its own.

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