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This page is about the Engineer Villager added by Actually Additions. For other uses, see Engineer Villager.
Engineer Villager
Engineer Villager Actually Additions.png
ModActually Additions
TypeFriendly monster

The Engineer Villager is a Villager added by Actually Additions, which spawns in an Engineer's House. It looks identical to the Crystallizer Villager.


Trade Offer

1-2 Emeralds

2-3 Blocks of Black Quartz

1-2 Emeralds

6-8 Black Quartz

1-3 Emeralds

1 Laser Wrench

20-30 Coffee Beans

1-2 Emeralds

3-5 Emeralds

1 Phantom Connector

10-20 Emeralds

1-2 Energy Laser Relay

30-40 Tiny Torches

1-2 Emeralds

1-2 Emeralds

1-2 Wood Casings

3-5 Emeralds

1-2 Iron Casings

1 Empowerer

15-20 Emeralds

30-40 Emeralds

1 Extreme Energy Laser Relay

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