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Engineer's Workbench

ModImmersive Engineering
TypeTile entity

The Engineer's Workbench is a block added by Immersive Engineering, used both for crafting special items and for modifying IE's unique tools. It takes up two blocks.


The Workbench's GUI is fairly simple. The left slot accepts either an Engineer's Blueprint (for crafting) or a modifiable IE tool. Without a blueprint or a tool to modify, the Workbench doesn't do anything.


With a blueprint in place, 6 slots appear in the center to accept shapeless crafting inputs, and a number of recipe outputs appear on the right. Each blueprint comes with its own set of recipes; for example, with the "Crafting Components" blueprint, the player can craft Iron Mechanical Components, Steel Mechanical Components, Vaccuum Tubes, and Circuit Boards.


Tool, weapon, and shield modifications can be installed or removed at the Engineer's Workbench. The player sets their upgradable tool in the left slot, then its available slots for modifications appear in the middle. An extra slot appears on the right for installing a Shader, an aesthetic choice.

On removing the upgradable tool, the newly added modifications stay with it.

List of modifications


Advanced Lubrication System
, for prolonging the life of the blade

Blade Quiver
, for carrying extra blades

Large Tank
, for expanding the fuel tank
Chemical Thrower

Focused Nozzle
, for range and more precise dousing

Large Tank
, for expanding the tank

, for loading multiple fluids
Heavy Plated Shield

, for blinding attackers

Magnetic Glove
, for quickly equipping the shield

Shock Emitters
, for shocking attackers
Mining Drill

Additional Augers
, for more effective drilling

Advanced Lubrication System
, for prolonging the life of the Drill Head

Large Tank
, for expanding the fuel tank

Pressurized Air Tank
, for working underwater

Advanced Heatsinks
(formerly Additional Capacitors), for quicker fire rate

Precision Scope
, for zooming in

Amplifier Electron Tubes
, for shocking targets

, for also stabbing targets

Extended Magazine
, for loading more cartridges at once