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This page is about the Immersive Engineering block. For the mod, see Engineer's Toolbox.
Engineer's Toolbox

ModImmersive Engineering
TypeSolid block

GUI for the Engineer's Toolbox

The Engineer's Toolbox is a block added by Immersive Engineering. It is used to store tools and other items.

Right-clicking it will open it. Each slot can only store a specific type of item/block; "Food" can store edibles, "Tools" can store tools, "Wiring" can store Immersive Engineering coils and similar items, and "Anything" can store, as it sounds, any block or item.

Shift right-clicking it will place it. It can be right-clicked in its block form to be opened. When broken, it will retain all of the items in it.



Version history
0.10-58Made the Engineer's Toolbox placable.