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This page is about the Engineer's House added by Actually Additions. For other uses, see Engineer's House.
Engineer's House
ModActually Additions

The Engineer's House is a structure added by Actually Additions, which spawns in Villages along with an Engineer Villager or a Crystallizer Villager.

The Engineer's House is a two-story structure made of Oak Wood, Spruce Wood, Stone Bricks and Cobblestone. The interior includes various devices, including a Coffee Maker, a Crusher, a Lamp and a Canola Press on the first floor, and an Atomic Reconstructor, two Energy Laser Relays and a Coal Generator on the second floor. There is also a Fermenting Barrel on the outside, near the entrance, as well as a small farm of Rice and Carrots, and a Compost.

The Engineer's House includes one Small Storage Crate with loot inside. They can include:

Attempting to break any of the machines in the Engineer's House will not drop them; instead, they are destroyed and the message, "The block shattered as you tried to break it. Maybe it wasn't sturdy enough to be broken?" will be displayed in chat. This is designed to maintain balance in the mod. However, breaking the house first to remove the "aura" of the Engineer's House will allow the machines to be collected successfully.


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