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In Steve's Carts, as many as three Engines can be attached to one cart. This can enable carts to use a Solar Engine during the daylight, and a Coal Engine at night, or when working underground. Engine Priority is the mechanism that controls which Engine is used at any given point. There are four priority levels: Disabled (red), Low (orange), Medium (yellow), and High (green). An Engine with a higher priority level will always be used before an Engine with a lower priority.

A three Engine cart with Engine Priority set properly

This cart has three Engines: A Coal Engine, A Solar Engine, and a Compact Solar Engine. The Priority is set to use the Solar Engine, then the Compact Solar, and finally, the Coal Engine.


For instance, a Drilling cart that has a Compact Solar Engine (High Priority) and a Coal Engine (Medium Priority) attached, would operate for as long as it could on its charged Solar Energy while drilling underground. Once the Solar Energy is completely drained, it would switch to the Coal Engine, and operate on Coal power.