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ModSteve's Carts
TypeSteve's Carts Module
Steve's Carts Properties
Compatible Hulls
Module typeEngine

Engines are modules in Steve's Carts that power minecarts, enabling them to move along their tracks unaided.


Name Compatible hulls Modular cost Construction time
Coal Engines Fuel efficiency multiplier Number of fuel slots
Tiny Coal Engine

2 1 sec 50% 1
Coal Engine

15 1 min 37 sec 225% 3
Solar Engines Generation speed Max power capacity
Basic Solar Engine

12 59 sec 2u/3t 100,000
Solar Engine

20 3 min 2 sec 5u/3t 800,000
Compact Solar Engine

32 8 min 32 sec 5u/3t 25,000
Thermal Engines Power/Lava ratio Coolant/Water ratio
Thermal Engine

28 6 min 22 sec 25 No coolant
Advanced Thermal Engine

58 31 min 34 sec 90 60
  • If a minecart with a Coal Engine is mining coal, it will refill its fuel slot with coal if there is space available.
  • The Solar Engine can only run during the day while it has a clear view of the sky. Rain or snow do not affect their ability to work. During the night or while underground, however, the minecart will need a coal engine as a power source.

Coal Engine Fuel Sources

Tiny Coal Engine Coal Engine
Sapling 50 225
Wood 150 675
Wooden Planks 150 675
Coal 800 3600
Charcoal 800 3600
Blaze Rod 1200 5400

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