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Energy Loader

Required modulesIC2
Max EU output512 EU/t

The Energy Loader is a block from the Railcraft mod. This block acts as a link between the IndustrialCraft 2 power system, Energy Units (EU), and the various EU storage minecarts from Railcraft. Energy carts include the Batbox Cart, the MFE Cart, the MFSU Cart, and the CESU Cart. By default, the Energy Loader will output at 512 EU/t.



Place the loader directly next to a track, with the 3 black dots facing the track. Locking Tracks are very useful when combined with Energy Loaders, when set to Holding or Boarding mode, because they will stop the cart when there is no redstone signal, and will force the cart to continue when there is a redstone signal.


There are several sections to the GUI of this machine. The top left slot is used for charging EU-powered tools and armor from IndustrialCraft 2 and its addons. The bottom left slot is used for de-charging things, and putting their power in the Energy Loader.

The right slot is used for upgrades. Any upgrade from IndustrialCraft 2 can be used in the Loader, as well as the Lapotron Loader Upgrade from Railcraft itself. An Overclocker Upgrade will increase the transfer rate of the energy by 30%, and increase the energy usage by 50%. A Transformer Upgrade is required to charge a CESU energy cart (2 upgrades to charge a MFE cart) and will increase the energy output by a single tier. The Energy Storage Upgrade will increase the total amount of energy storable in this machine by 10,000 EU. Lastly, a Lapotron Loader Upgrade will increase the Loader storage capacity by 1,000,000 EU.

Additionally there are two buttons, Hold Empty and Top Off. These buttons are used for controlling how this machine works. Turning Hold Empty on will make carts stop even if there is no power available. Turning Top Off on will make the carts wait until they are full before the machine outputs a redstone signal. Below these buttons is a section that says "Rate", this is the rate of the energy transferring.

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