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Energy Laser Relay

ModActually Additions
Next tier
CF traversing1,000 CF/t
RF traversing1,000 RF/t
Tesla traversing1,000 T/t

The Energy Laser Relay is a block added by Actually Additions. It will wirelessly transmit Redstone Flux (CF) to another Energy Laser Relay, when connected, within a default distance of 15 blocks. Energy Laser Relays can be connected by right-clicking two pairs with a Laser Wrench.

Energy will only flow through the Energy Laser Relay if each one is connected to a source or acceptor of CF. Right-clicking the Energy Laser Relay with a Compass will change its energy flow mode. There are three modes: "Both Directions", "Only into adjacent Blocks" and "Only out of adjacent Blocks". There is a 5% loss when using the Energy Laser Relay.



Version history
1.11-r82Changed from using Redstone Flux and Tesla to Crystal Flux.
1.11-r89Added input and output configuration through the usage of a Compass.
1.11-r92Changed output of recipe from 2 to 6.
1.11.2-r96Changed output of recipe from 6 to 4.

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