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Energy Hatch

ModGregTech 5
TypeTile entity
Tooltip textEnergy Injector for Multiblocks
Input VoltageVaries
EU StorageVoltage * 8 + 512 EU
Output VoltageVaries

The Energy Hatch is a component of GregTech 5 multiblock machines. It is used to accept energy (EU) for the machine to use in its processes.

Energy Hatches come in tiers from ULV to Max, as per the standard GregTech Electricity system. Their tier determines both the maximum voltage they can accept and the processing tier of the multiblock machine they are a part of. Importantly, Energy Hatches can accept 2 Amps of current at their rated voltage.

When multiple Energy Hatches are present, their voltages are added together to form the effective voltage of the machine. This effective voltage determines the machine's processing tier.

Tier Voltage range
ULV 1 - 8
LV 9 - 32
MV 33 - 128
HV 129 - 512
EV 513 - 2048
IV 2049 - 8192
LuV 8193 - 32768
ZPM 32769 - 131072
UV 131073 - 524288
MAX 524289 - 2147483647

For example, if a multiblock machine contains 1 LV Energy Hatch (32) and one MV Energy Hatch (128), the Machine will operate as if it is HV-tier (32 + 128 = 160; 160 is between 129 and 512). This process is critically important for the Electric Blast Furnace, as it allows an EBF to be brought online with 3 LV Energy Hatches, despite all EBF recipes requiring 120V minimum. (3 * 32 = 96; MV-tier; and 96 x 2A/hatch = 192 EU/t input)

Tiers beyond IV are largely unnecessary, as no recipe yet consumes greater than 8192V.

Tiers can have a severe impact on the recipes a machine carries out; for more information, see GregTech 5/Electricity.