Energy Counter

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Energy Counter

ModIC2 Nuclear Control
TypeSolid block
EU traversing32 EU/t

The Energy Counter is a block added by IC2 Nuclear Control, which acts like an Energy Unit (EU) cable or wire. By default, the Energy Counter can only handle 32 EU/t, but it can be upgraded with Transformer Upgrades within its GUI. When energy goes through the counter, the Energy Counter counts that amount of energy that has flowed through it.

The counter can be reset by clicking the Reset button within the GUI. The Counter can monitored via a Counter Sensor Location Card.



Pre v2.2.0a




Version history
2.1.0aThe Energy Counter can count Redstone Flux (RF) instead of EU. Before this version, it could use Minecraft Joules (MJ).
2.2.0aRecipe uses Glass Fibre Cable instead of Gold Cable.

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