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This page is about the Energy Core added by Factory Tech. For other uses, see Energy Core.
Energy Core

ModFactory Tech

The Energy Core is a crafting component added by Factory Tech. It is used as a component to craft several Factory Tech devices and is a consumable in the Factory Tech Machine Maintenance process. Energy Cores are the most difficult machine component to produce, but many of the machines that use them are very powerful.


Crafting an Energy Core is a complex, multi-step process.

  1. Process Obsidian in a Drill Grinder to produce an Obsidian Vessel.
  2. Process six pieces of Lapis Lazuli in a Drill Grinder to produce Lapis Powder.
  3. Process a Block of Quartz in a Chop Saw to produce Blank Quartz Plates.
  4. Program a Circuit Scribe with Pattern 2.
  5. Craft two Etched Quartz Plates (Pattern 2).
  6. Craft each Etched Quartz Plate with a piece of Copper Dust to produce Copper Filled Quartz Plates (Pattern 2).
  7. Smelt the Copper Filled Plates in an Electric Furnace to produce the completed Copper Circuit Boards (Pattern 2).
  8. Using these components, craft a Prepared Shell.
  9. Fill the Prepared Shell with Energite in a Compression Chamber to produce an Unprimed Energy Core.
  10. Charge the core in a Core Charger to 80%.
  11. Stabilize the core in a Stabilization Table.

Note that additional Pattern 1 and Pattern 2 circuit boards are required for the maintenance of the Core Charger. Do not charge the core more than a few points past 80%. If overcharged, the core will explode.