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This page is about the Energy Condenser added by ProjectE. For other uses, see Energy Condenser.
Energy Condenser

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EMC value42,010 EMC

The Energy Condenser is a machine added by ProjectE, based off the Energy Condenser added by Equivalent Exchange 2.

The Energy Condenser performs three functions.

  1. Any items placed in the inventory will be destroyed and converted to EMC which is then stored in the internal buffer.
  2. It receives EMC energy from an adjacent Energy Collector or Anti-Matter Relay.
  3. Using EMC energy from the internal buffer, it creates items of the type specified.

The GUI contains an energy bar, a single slot used to specify the item to produce, and a 91-slot inventory to hold the output. As the Energy Condenser receives energy, the energy bar rises. When it reaches 100%, a single item of the type specified is created and placed in the inventory.

An Energy Condenser producing Red Matter.



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