Energy Collector (Equivalent Exchange 2)

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This page is about the Energy Collector added by Equivalent Exchange 2. For other uses, see Energy Collector.
Energy Collector

ModEquivalent Exchange 2
TypeSolid block
Next tier
EMC value82,953 EMC
EMC storage10,000 EMC
EMC creation4 EMC/second

The Energy Collector is the first tier of Energy Collectors from Equivalent Exchange 2. It is used to convert light to EMC, and upgrade fuels (see Usage). If it is not upgrading fuels, it will export its EMC to an adjacent device, such as an Energy Condenser or Anti-Matter Relay. It can be upgraded into the Collector MK2.

The Energy Collector is not limited to sunlight. It has an EMC value of 82,953, can store 10,000, and will create 4 per second at maximum efficiency.



The GUI has 11 slots. The eight left slots are a buffer for fuels to be upgraded. The lower right slot is the fuel being upgraded at that time. The far right slot is the upgrade cap; the item that is placed in it is the maximum tier fuel that the buffer items will be upgraded to, in the following order:

then the cycle restarts. It will not send power if it is upgrading fuel.

The small right square shows the light level. The light level will determine the Energy Collector's efficiency. It will run at X/16 efficiency depending on the light level (2 light level will be 2/16 efficiency, 3 light level will be 3/16, etc.).