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This page is about the Energy Cell from Thermal Expansion 4. For other uses, see Energy Cell.
Energy Cell

ModThermal Expansion 4
TypeTile entity

Energy Cells are tile entities added by Thermal Expansion 4. They store Redstone Flux (RF) and can be picked up with a Crescent Hammer or a pickaxe keeping the stored RF intact.


When the Energy Cell is placed all sides are set to input (blue) except the bottom which is set to output (orange). The Energy's GUI is able to configure redstone response, input and output rate, and face interaction. Redstone configuration will change whether or not the cell will output RF based on if it is receiving a redstone signal. The input and output rates can also be configured this will change how much RF per tick will be transferred. Finally the configuration tab will set sides to input (blue), output (orange), and closed (yellow).


Tier Capacity Max Input Max Output
Leadstone 400,000 RF 200 RF/t 200 RF/t
Hardened 2,000,000 RF 800 RF/t 800 RF/t
Redstone 20,000,000 RF 8000 RF/t 8000 RF/t
Resonant 80,000,000 RF 32,000 RF/t 32,000 RF/t