Energion Crystal Seed

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Energion Crystal Seed

ModProdigy Tech
Tooltip textCan be planted and grown
Very sensitive to breaking
Technical details
Ore dictionary namegemEnergion
First appearance0.1.0

The Energion Crystal Seed is an item added by Prodigy Tech. It can be placed on the ground and will slowly grow over time, with a total of 6 grow stages.

When broken with any tool or block other than the Crystal Cutter or Automatic Crystal Cutter, it will cause multiple explosions based on its grow stage, with later stages causing bigger explosions. The first grow stage can be safely broken without causing any explosion.

When broken with the appropriate tool, it will drop one Energion Crystal Seed per grow stage (up to 6). The amount of Crystal Seeds can be increased (except for the first grow stage) by breaking it with a Crystal Cutter enchanted with Fortune.