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This page is about the Energetic Infuser added by Thermal Expansion 5. For other uses, see Energetic Infuser.
Energetic Infuser (Basic)

ModThermal Expansion 5
RF use40 RF/t

The Energetic Infuser is a machine added by Thermal Expansion 5. It is used to charge items that store or consume Redstone Flux (RF), and to process certain items by infusing them with RF.

The Energetic Infuser has one input (blue) and one output (orange). These can be changed to different faces using the Configuration menu in the machine's GUI.



The Energetic Infuser will charge any item that stores or uses RF placed into its input slot. It will output any such items once they are fully charged. The Energetic Infuser can also be used to turn Rich Phyto-Gro into Fluxed Phyto-Gro and Rich Aqua-Chow into Fluxed Aqua-Chow, using 8,000 RF per operation.


An Energetic Infuser can accept the following Augments:

Image Name Type Description

Auxiliary Reception Coil Augment Increases max power usage (speed) at the cost of higher power use per operation. Stackable. Multiplies max power usage by 1+n, and increases power use per operation by (10n)%, where n is the amount of coils installed.

Flux Linkage Concentrator Specialization Greatly increases maximum operation speed. The infuser can only charge items.

Flux Reconstruction Specialization Allows the infuser to use Essence of Knowledge to repair items. The infuser can only repair items. This Augment gives the infuser an internal tank that can be configured to input from any side.

Parabolic Flux Coupling Specialization Allows the Infuser to wirelessly charge Flux Capacitors at a greatly increased speed. The infuser loses the ability to charge or process items normally.


An Energetic Infuser is crafted at the lowest tier (Basic). It can be upgraded to higher tiers using Upgrade Kits. As it is upgraded it is able to use more RF per tick, which allows it to process items faster. Upgrading also adds augment slots, and increases the input and output rate of items and fluids.

Tier Max Power Usage Power Storage Augments
Basic 40 RF/t 40,000 RF 0
Hardened 60 RF/t 60,000 RF 1
Reinforced 80 RF/t 80,000 RF 2
Signalum 100 RF/t 100,000 RF 3
Resonant 120 RF/t 120,000 RF 4
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