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Energetic Incinerator is a machine added by AE2 Tech Addon.

Energetic Incinerator

ModAE2 Tech Addon
Blast resistance10
Luminance0 (When unpowered), 12 (when powered and not working),15 (when working)
StackableYes (64)


The Energetic Incinerator is crafted using 4 Charged Certus Quartz Crystals, 2 Logic Processors, 2 ME Glass Cables, and a vanilla Minecraft Furnace. The recipe is below:

The Energetic Incinerator require at least wooden tools to be harvested and is mined the fastest when using a pickaxe. The Energetic Incinerator drops itself and all it's inventory contents when mined.


The main use of the Energetic Incinerator is smelting.


The Energetic Incinerator will smelt any smeltable items that goes into it's input slot if there is enough power flowing into the machine. By default, the Energetic Incinerator requires 2 AE per tick when idle, and 1 AE per tick when smelting. The energy requirement increases when the Energetic Incinerator is upgraded.

By default, the Energetic Incinerator Neds 150 ticks to smelt an item, but can be reduced by Performance Upgrade Cards.

Light Source

The Energetic Incinerator emits no light when unpowered, emits a light level of 12 when powered but not working, and emits a light level of 15 when powered and working.


The Energetic Incinerator needs to be connected to a Matter Energy (ME) network for it to work, but do not use any ME channels.


The Energetic Incinerator can be upgraded using a Performance Upgrade Card to reduce the time needed for smelting an item, but will also increase the energy required. The following table shows the time needed to smelt an item and the required energy for each upgrade level:

Level Time Idle Power Working Power
No upgrades 150 2AE/tick 1AE/tick
Redstone 125 4AE/tick 2AE/tick
Iron 100 6AE/tick 4AE/tick
Gold 75 8AE/tick 8AE/tick
Diamond 50 10AE/tick 16AE/tick
Emerald 25 12AE/tick 32AE/tick

Note: All time are in ticks.


Version history
0.1b22Implemented Energetic Incinerator.
1.0b73Fixed a bug that causes the Energetic Incinerator not drop it's inventory when broke.