Endergenic Power Generation

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This is a community-written guide. It was written to help players get accustomed to generating power with RFTools.

About this Guide

This guide is not an exhaustive description of items, nor a tutorial on using each item. It is a helping hand to get you started with using RFTools Endergenic Generators. Throughout this guide you'll find links to various blocks and items. Be sure to explore these links for full details, descriptions and illustrations.


The theory of Endergenic power generation is quite simple. Throw an Ender Pearl at an Endergenic Generator at just the right moment and energy will be produced. The implementation, of course, is a little more complex. This guide will step you through the process of setting up a simple, imperfect but functional power generation system. It is worth noting that due to the dependence on precise tick-by-tick timing, Endergenic power generation may not be suitable on multi-player servers.

How It Works

An Endergenic Generator has three modes: idle, charging and holding. Starting from an idle state, upon receiving a Redstone signal, the generator will begin to charge. No RF power is required for this charging. If an Ender Pearl lands on the generator while it is charging, two things happen: RF energy is produced and the generator begins holding the pearl. While it is holding a pearl, the generator consumes energy. When a second Redstone signal is received, the generator will fire the pearl at the next generator in the loop, then it will return to an Idle state. By arranging Endergenic Generators and linking them in a loop structure, a single pearl can be transferred from generator to generator, producing energy along the way.

The challenge in Endergenic power generation is coordinating the signals required to charge and fire the pearls at the right time. The ideal moment for an Ender Pearl to arrive is 10 ticks after the Endergenic Generator begins charging. Arriving early or late will significantly reduce the amount of power generated. The longer an Endergenic Generator holds onto a pearl, the more power it consumes, thus the lower the efficiency of the system overall. Additionally, Ender Pearls are fragile gems and can only tolerate the stresses of repeated firing for so long. Eventually they'll shatter and disintegrate. Fortunately, there are a few things that help us. Ender Pearls travel at a known speed, Endergenic Generators have been designed to operate in a simple and predictable manner, and the Ender Monitor can be used to send trigger signals to other generators.

Example Generator Design

In this simple design, four Endergenic Generators are linked to produce about 11,000 RF/t. (This can be increased by infusing the Endergenic Generators.) Ender Monitors send a Redstone pulse as each generator fires its pearl. Sequencers alter the Redstone pulses to prime the generators with the correct timing. Finally, a Timer triggers a Pearl Injector to insert a new Ender Pearl into the loop as needed.


Start by crafting the following items:

You'll also need a Smart Wrench and some Redstone Dust.


  1. Lay out the parts as illustrated below. Take care to note the direction of the arrows on the Ender Monitors, Sequencers and Timer. Right-click with the Smart Wrench to rotate these blocks as needed.
  2. Set each of the Ender Monitors to Pearl Fired
  3. Set each of the four inner Sequencers to fire on ticks 3 and 5, as illustrated below. Set the mode to Once2
  4. Set the two outer Sequencers to fire on ticks 1 and 3. Set the mode to Once2
  5. Set the Timer to fire every 30 ticks. Note: The timer is reset by the adjacent Ender Monitor every time that an Ender Pearl passes through the nearby Endergenic Generator. In this way, the timer only triggers the Pearl Injector when more than 30 ticks have elapsed without a pearl passing.
  6. Link the 4 Ender Generators in a clockwise direction. Right click on one and it will turn red. Right click on the next and you'll receive a confirmation message in chat.
  7. Connect your power conduits to the Endergenic Generators
  8. Insert some Ender Pearls in the Pearl Injector.


No further action is required other than ensuring that the Pearl Injector is kept filled with Ender Pearls. Note that the process does not automatically stop when the buffers are full. If Ender Pearls are in short supply, the RF Monitor can be used to monitor your energy storage and disable the timer when full (the timer will need to be moved slightly as it only accepts signals from the marked face).

Right-clicking on one of the Endergenic Generators will show some statistics on its operation.

Holding a Smart Wrench and looking at the setup will also show some information.

Expansion and Optimization

The Endergenic power generation system is a tinker's delight. Players who thrive on mathematical and detail-oriented challenges should enjoy it greatly. The example design presented above can be very easily multiplied by placing additional layers. Further, the system can be scaled down as far as two Endergenic Generators or up to as many as you like.


This example design was published by user Timur at https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/10815-rftools-endergenic-generator-designed-by-me/ It is assumed that having been published on a searchable website that the design is permitted for reproduction under the CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 license.


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