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This page is about the Ender Tank from EnderStorage. For other uses, see Ender Tank.
Ender Tank

TypeSolid block

An Ender Tank is linked to all other Ender Tanks with the same color key. On top of the tank are 3 buttons that can be dyed any color by right clicking them while holding dye. Using linked tanks you can transfer liquids between different places and even across dimensions. By default the tank doesn't output liquids, but by right-clicking the the dial on the front of the tank you can set it to output mode and the tank will output to any block that can accept a liquid. Also like the Ender Chest, right clicking the the dial of the tank with a Diamond makes it become a private tank. A private tank can only be accessed by someone standing next to it or the person who placed the tank.


FTB Infinity Evolved

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  • You can dye the tank instantly by using colored wool in the recipe.
  • Instead of using Dye, you can rename two tanks in a Vanilla Anvil, which will put them on a separate channel from the normal (unnamed) tanks. This is good for servers - players don't have to know all the color codes, and people that want to secure a tank frequency have a better way to do so.

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