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Ender Rift
ModThe Vegan Option
TypeMultiblock structure

The Ender Rift is a multiblock device added by The Vegan Option. It allows for converting Water to Raw Ender in-world. When water is above the Ender Rift, it has a chance to turn into Raw Ender each tick. However, when this is performed in the day, it also has a chance of permanently deleting a random block within a 4 block radius of the rift. This effect does not occur during nighttime. When the player steps in the rift, they will be given nausea for five seconds.


The Ender Rift is constructed by forming a diamond shape using four Encrusted Obsidian. When constructed, the Ender Rift block will appear in the middle of the four Encrusted Obsidian blocks.

Ender Rift construction.png