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Ender IO Zoo
Modicon enderio.png
Current developersCrazyPants
Supported Minecraft versions1.12.2
Depends onEnderCore
Infinity 1.7

Ender IO Zoo is an addon to Ender IO created by CrazyPants and tterrag. Its main focus is its various mobs, both monsters and animals. The mod also adds several new enchantments, potions, and three special types of TNT.

The project began as part of Ender IO, but the developers questioned the content's place in the mod. It was eventually moved it to its own standalone mod, called EnderZoo. This mod is now discontinued after it was re-merged into Ender IO as an optional addon module. Some of EnderZoo's mobs were included in EmberRoot Zoo, a mod adding mobs from EnderZoo, Embers, Roots 1, and some original mobs.

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