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This page is about the block. For the mod, see Ender IO.

This information pertains to an older version of the mod.

Ender IO

ModEnder IO
TypeSolid block
Tooltip textAllow remote access to nearby blocks
Used with Travel Anchors or the Staff of Travel

The Ender IO is a block added by Ender IO. Right-clicking in its direction with the Staff of Traveling (but not right-clicking the block directly) or right-clicking in its direction atop a Travel Anchor, allows the viewing of a 17x17 area, with the Ender IO as the central block. The viewing allows a limited amount of interaction; GUIs can be opened and used, and items such as Levers can be used. Opening a GUI will close the viewing mode, but it will still allow interaction.

The Ender IO was removed when the mod was updated to Minecraft 1.12.

An example scene from viewing through an Ender IO

The Ender IO's chunk must be loaded in order to function properly.


The Ender IO has a GUI itself to allow configuration. It can be renamed, which allows it to stand out from other Ender IOs when atop a Travel Anchor or holding a Staff of Traveling. This can be combined with a label; the ghost slot in the top right corner. Right-clicking an item (not a block) into the label slot will allow the item to be seen when atop a Travel Anchor or holding a Staff of Traveling.

An Ender IO with a name of "Hello FTB Wiki!" and label of a Bone

A privacy mode for the Ender IO can also be set: either "Public", "Protected" or "Private". It is "Public" per default, which allows anyone to use the Ender IO. "Private" mode allows only the original placer of the block to use it. In "Protected" mode, an 5-digit item password must be entered to be used. This is not required for the original block placer though, who is the one to set it.


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