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Ender IO
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현재 개발자CrazyPants
마인크래프트 버전1.12.2
선행 모드EnderCore
Unstable 1.7.2
Direwolf20 (1.7.10)
SkyFactory 2
SkyFactory 2.5
FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock
Infinity 1.7
Direwolf20 1.10.2

Ender IOCrazyPants 가 만들고tterrag1098 가 유지하는 기술 기반의 대형 모드이다. 이 모드는 액체, 아이템, 전력과 레드스톤 컨두잇을 중심으로 한다. Ender IO는 플레이어에게 특정 위치에 있는 기계의 원격조종을 포함하여, 여러 발전방식과 저장방식을 제공한다. 또한 원석 제련과 같은 여러 작업들을 위한 기계들을 추가한다. 전력 시스템에 Forge Energy API를 사용하며 특이하게도 전력 단위를 Micro Infinity, 혹은 µI 이라고 부른다. µI:RF는 1:1 교환 비율을 가진다.

The mod was named after the Ender IO, a device that allowed players to remotely interact with machines close to the Ender IO. It was removed during the mod's update to Minecraft version 1.12.


Ender IO is mainly focused on machines and transport. It extends traditional machinery with ender magic, introducing unique additions to well-known concepts.

The mod's essential machines like the Alloy Smelter and SAG Mill are popular since they can process many materials efficiently, often including materials from other mods. The SAG Mill is notable due to its use of Grinding Balls which boost its output, making it a powerful late-game option for ore processing. Other machines are used solely to create materials and crafting components for other Ender IO items and machines.

Alloys created in the Alloy Smelter are at the core of Ender IO's progression. Players have to collect rare materials, often from The Nether or The End, and sometimes process them further to create higher-tier alloys and craft better items and machines. Dark Steel is a prominently featured alloy that is used to craft many different machines, as well as armor and tools which can be enhanced through upgrades.

The mod is famous for its conduits, cable-like transport devices with a special ability: different types of conduits (Item, Fluid, Energy, Redstone and more) may be placed within the same block space, allowing for highly compact transport and automation.

Teleportation is a large part of Ender IO's theme. Items and fluids may be instantly teleported through conduits; the Dimensional Transceiver connects with conduits (or alternatives from other mods) to cover large distances and enable instant transport across dimensions. Players can utilize different personal teleportation abilities as well, for example with the Staff of Traveling and/or Travel Anchors, and eventually the Telepad.

Ender IO simplifies mob farming with its Powered Spawners and other helpful devices, especially the various Obelisks including the Experience, Inhibitor, and Attractor Obelisk.


Ender IO is divided into several modules. It is available as a monolithic installation, which includes all modules in a single mod file, and a modular installation, which allows players and modpack creators to use a selection of modules.

The main content modules are:

  • Base – adds all Ender IO items and materials
  • Machines – adds all Ender IO machines
  • Conduits – adds all Ender IO conduits

Additionally, there are several integration modules which add functionality for other mods:

  • Applied Energistics 2 – adds conduits that function similarly to Applied Energistics 2's ME Glass Cables
  • Open Computers – adds conduits that can replace OpenComputers' Cables
  • Refined Storage – adds conduits that can replace Refined Storage's Cables
  • Forestry – adds Item Conduit filters for Forestry bees, as well as bee-focused armor upgrades
  • Tinkers Construct – adds support for Ender IO materials to Tinkers' Construct


A collection of addon modules, which are not included in the monolithic installation and need to be installed separately, is available:

  • Zoo – adds several mobs, as well as three new types of TNT
  • Endergy – greatly expands Ender IO with new materials, adding higher tiers of conduits, tools, armor, and capacitors
  • Stellar Fluid Conduits – adds a powerful fluid conduit to the Endergy addon
  • Gas Conduits – adds conduits that can transport Mekanism gases
  • Facade Painter – allows painting of Conduit Facades in a crafting grid, reducing the importance of a Painting Machine

Zoo and Endergy are official addons, while the others are officially recognized third-party addons.

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