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Ender Bookshelf

TypeSolid block

The bookshelf has four slots for storing books represented by four pinkish boxes on its front side. Right clicking with any enchanted book on an empty slot will move one of the enchantments on that book into the Ender Bookshelf. You will see the name of the enchantment, the level of the enchantment, and the number of that enchantment stored in the slot. You can store an unreasonable amount of each enchantment in a single slot. I do not know what the max is. I stopped putting feather falling IV books into a slot once I got up to 169.

If you right click on any slot with a book (un-enchanted), the book will be enchanted with whatever enchantment is stored in the slot. If you are having trouble reading the name of something stored in a slot, right click on it with an empty slot. Text will flash on your screen with the full name of the enchantment stored in the slot, as well as the number of enchantments stored in that slot.

You can use an Ender Library as a storage controller to interact with a bank of Ender Bookshelf blocks.

This block can be safely mined with any tool or bare hands. Mining with an Axe will cause the block to mine faster. It will drop itself when mined and keep all of the enchantments it contained. If the Ender Bookshelf is empty, it will stack up to 64 per inventory slot.