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This page is about the Ender Book mod. For other uses, see Ender Book.
Ender Book
Current developersduke605
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10
Depends onKingCore

Ender Book is a mod by duke605 that is based around simple teleportation. The mod adds items called Ender Books, which are used to quickly teleport to different places in the world. There are five Ender Book tiers: Normal, Iron, Gold, Diamond, and Emerald. Each tier has its own special ability, and number of entries. Entries are what are written in the books to teleport; a single entry would be a single location. Entries are written with the Ender Writing Tools.


All Ender Books function identically, but with different entry capacities. Their GUI can be opened by right clicking with the item. The GUI contains two pages of a book: the left side contains a "Credit/Edit Entry" form and the right side contains an "Entrys [sic]" list which can be used to view individual entries' editing and teleporting form.

The Credit/Edit Entry form either allows the player to create a new entry or edit an existing entry. To create a new entry, enter the name of the entry and click "Create." If the player has at least one Ender Writing Tools with at least 1 durability in their inventory, an entry for that location will be created. One durability will be taken from the Ender Writing Tools.

To edit an existing entry, first click on an entry within the entry list. A new form will replace the creation form containing a text field, a set of arrows, a "Teleport" button, a "Cancel" button, an "Erase" button, and a "Save" button. The Teleport button will cause the player to be teleported to that entry's location. The text form can be used to give the entry a different name. The arrows (represented as "<-" and "->") can be used to change the entry's position in the list, beginning at 0. The pink number represents its position in the list. The Erase button will delete the entry. The Cancel button will close the edit form and reopen the creation form. Lastly, the Save button is used to save the changes to the entry's name and list position.

If the player does not an Ender Writing Tools with enough ink, a message will be displayed at the bottom of the Create/Edit Entry page stating, "You do not have enough ender ink or do not have the proper writing equipment to create an entry." In this case, the player will be unable to create new entries or edit the name or list position of existing entries. Creating and editing an entry costs a single durability to the Ender Writing Tools, regardless of if only the name or list index was changed or if both were changed.

The Entrys list displays at most 16 entries on a single page. Once there are over 16 entries stored in the book, page turning arrows appear in the bottom right or bottom left corner (accordingly) to allow the player to traverse the entire list.

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