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Ender Bee
Latin Name Finapis notchi Description
Discovered by Sengir "I found one of these seemingly hermitical insects
in a villager's apiary. It was torpid,
obviously ripped from its world
and longing for a fragment from it."
Added by Mod Forestry
Branch End Branch
isNocturnal No
Product Specialty

Mysterious Comb
Base Chance: 30%

Default Attributes

Speed Slower Cave Dwelling No
Lifespan Longer Nocturnal true
Fertility 1 Drones Rain Tolerant No
Pollination Slowest Temperature Cold
Territory 11x8x11 Temp. Tolerance +1
Flowers End Humidity Normal
Effect Ends Humid. Tolerance None


Acquired from Mutates to

This bee is found in End Hives.

It cannot be bred.

Parent 1 Parent 2 Result Chance

Ender Bee

Resilient Bee

Invincible Bee

Ender Bee

Hermitic Bee

Spectral Bee

Ender Bee

Spectral Bee

Phantasmal Bee

Ender Bee

Relic Bee

Jaded Bee

Ender Bee

Secluded Bee

Abnormal Bee

Special Notes