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TypeTile entity
Blast resistance24

The Encoder is a tile entity added by InfraRedstone. When placed against a block, it outputs an Infra-Redstone signal. The value of this signal depends on the block, and follows the following priorities in descending order of importance. If a block matches multiple possible values in that list, the highest one is used.

  1. If the block has explicit Encoder support, it outputs the returned value.
  2. If the block has item, fluid or energy storage, it outputs a signal from 0 (000000) to 63 (111111) depending on how full it is. If the block has multiple different storages, then item takes priority, followed by fluid then energy.
  3. If the block has a Redstone Comparator output, it outputs 4x that value.
  4. If the block is outputting a Redstone signal, it outputs that value (from 0 (000000) to 15 (001111)).
  5. If the block is outputting an Infra-Redstone signal, it outputs that value.