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Enchanted Broom


The Enchanted Broom is a tool added by Witchery. It allows witches and warlocks to have a way to fly around the Minecraft universe. Unlike most forms of flight within modded Minecraft, this tool is placed in the world. It is mounted like a horse by right-clicking it with an empty hand. Controlling a broom can be difficult at first, and having an Owl Familiar can improve the ease of riding a broomstick. Brooms can be named in Anvils and can have their bristles dyed by using any color dye on the broom. Breaking chalk glyphs can be made easier when using the Broom.


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7x7, 11x11
Rite of Infusion

Perform at night.

> Broom
> Flying Ointment

Altar power 3000


Controlling the Broom can be quite difficult at first and takes some time to get used to. Only the forward and backward keys are required to control the Broom. The Broom can be rotated/turned by rotating the player's view, including ascension and descension. Pressing shift will dismount players from the Broom and drop them next to it. This can be quite dangerous, as the fall will deal as much damage as it normally would to fall from that height. This can be convenient as the Broom will drift down to the player.