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Ember Activator

TypeSolid block

The Ember Activator is a multiblock structure added by Embers. When placed, it forms a two-block tall multiblock structure, expanding upwards from where the activator was placed. It is used to generate ember. The Ember Activator has an internal ember storage at 16,000 embers.



The Ember Activator is used to generate embers from Ember Crystals and Ember Shards. To boot it, simply pump Ember Crystals or Ember Shards into the bottom block of the multistructure using Item Pipes and Item Extractors. Note that you cannot manually insert the fuel. Once pumped, the Ember Activators top block will give off a burst and glow with embers. A passive crackling sound can also be heard while it is containing ember. This ember can then be transported out by placing an Ember Emitter or Ember Ejector on the top block.

Ember Generation Values

Fuel Ember Generated

Ember Shard
400 Ember

Ember Crystal
2,400 Ember

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