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This page is about the Elevator added by RFTools. For other uses, see Elevator.

TypeSolid block

The Elevator is a block added by RFTools. It is used to create modern elevators with a moving platform. The Elevator is best used in conjunction with Screens and Elevator Button Modules.



  • Each floor requires a separate Elevator block.
  • Elevator blocks must be in a direct vertical line. That is, have identical X and Z values but different Y values.
  • Only the bottom Elevator block requires power.
  • All connected blocks of a single type placed directly in front of the Elevator block are considered to be the platform.
  • Only one platform can exist.
  • Elevator blocks will emit a redstone signal from the rear face when the platform is at their level. This can be used to operate doors, lights and bells.
  • The platform can be summoned to a particular floor by applying a redstone signal to that floor's Elevator block.
  • The Elevator block can be named in its GUI. This name will be used in any linked Elevator Button Modules.


In this illustration, we have a simple three-floor elevator. Andesite forms the floors. The platform is made of Granite. Each floor has a "call button" and a Redstone Lamp to indicate that the platform is present. The vertical column is not required but helps to keep things aligned and provides a place for the buttons.


In this second example, we have added Screens, a Screen Controller and Elevator Button Modules. The Screen Controller does not need to be located near the Elevator as it can scan a wide area for Screens. Similarly, Screens do not need to be near the Elevator, although it makes sense to place them nearby. For information on configuring Screens, Screen Controllers and Elevator Button Modules, please see the relevant pages.


Elevators, and players riding on elevators, can pass though obstructions however riding players will take a small amount of damage and may become dislodged.


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