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This page is about the Elevator added by OpenBlocks. For other uses, see Elevator.

TypeSolid block
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The Elevator is a block added by OpenBlocks. This block is used to transport players vertically via teleportation. Two Elevators must be placed in the same x and z coordinates to function properly. In most cases there is a maximum of 4 solid blocks that can be in between the elevators, and 20 blocks total that can be in between the elevators to work properly. These values may be changed in each modpack; they can be altered in the OpenBlocks configuration file.

When a player sneaks on an Elevator block they will be teleported to the Elevator below it, and jumping on an Elevator block will teleport them to the Elevator above it. Elevators can be dyed by using a dye on them. Dyeing elevators will force them to only work if the elevator above/below it is the same color.


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