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This page is about the Elevator from the Elevator Mod. For other uses, see Elevator.

ModElevator Mod
TypeSolid block

The Elevator is a type of block from Elevator Mod. It is the spiritual successor to the Elevator block from OpenBlocks.

It is used to transport players vertically via teleportation. Two Elevators must be used in the same X and Z coordinates to function properly. Unlike the OpenBlocks Elevator, this has no vertical limit for which the player can teleport.

If disabled in the configuration file, mobs will not be able to spawn on Elevator blocks.

When a player sneaks on an Elevator block they will be teleported to the Elevator below it, and jumping on an Elevator block will teleport them to the Elevator above it.

Players can only teleport between two Elevators of identical colors. For example, if they try to jump on a Green Elevator, they will only teleport upwards if there is another Green Elevator above them.