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Elements are a mechanic linked to Spells in Electroblob's Wizardry. Each spell is affiliated to one of the 8 Elements, and can be made stronger by using magic equipment affiliated with that same Element. Each magic equipment (like Magic Wands or Wizard Robes) has a different version for each Element.


Magic is rather the lack of an Element, as it is associated with the default equipment (Magic Wand, Wizard Robes). As such those equipments do not provide any bonus like the other Elements' equipment does, but they are also the only equipment to be craftable.

Magic Missile is the only spell associated with Magic, and as such cannot receive bonuses from elemental equipment, but is also the only Spell Book to be craftable.


Perhaps the most destructive element, fire concerns burning, lava, and explosions. A powerful pyromancer will unleash hell upon their enemies and probably set the world alight in the process. Most fire attack spells set fire to their target, causing ongoing damage over time. However, be wary that fire spells may have no effect on nether mobs.
The Wizard's Handbook

Fire spells are mostly based around dealing damage and setting enemies on fire. They are often ineffective on Nether creatures.


The element of ice is made of all that is cold. Frost spells often slow enemies down or freeze them completely, and are especially effective on creatures of fire. Frost magic can prove equally useful outside of combat, such as freezing water to cross a river.
The Wizard's Handbook

Ice spells are mostly based around dealing damage, albeit less than Fire and Lightning ones, and hindering enemies. Most of them apply the Frostbite effect to their target.


This element concerns lightning, storms, and the weather. A powerful storm mage is a force to be reckoned with, and some posess the ability to call down lightning at will. Lightning spells often damage multiple enemies at once and usually seek their target, making them an effective attack against any mob... but beware of creepers.
The Wizard's Handbook

Lightning spells are also mostly based around dealing damage to multiple opponents. However, a lot of Lightning Spells are also capable of charging Creepers and similar creatures.


Necromancy is the element of darkness, chaos and the undead. Necromancers are mysterious and often regarded as evil, though this is usually not the case. Necromancy spells are commonly used to summon creatures to fight for you or even bend the will of your enemies.
The Wizard's Handbook

Necromancy spells are mostly summoning spells or spells to inflict negative effects on targets.


The element of earth is focused on the natural world: animals, plants, the wind, and such like. Earth magic is diverse and takes a wide variety of forms, from poisoning enemies to unleashing the fury of the weather. Earth spells are a mixture of attack, defense and utility.
The Wizard's Handbook

Earth spells offer a great deal of utility, including animal and plant based spells. This also includes spells based on water and air.


Sorcery is the element of force and change. Sorcerers manipulate light, gravity and even reality itself to fit their needs. Sorcery spells can be used, among other things, to grant their caster magical powers or move objects to their will.
The Wizard's Handbook

Sorcery spells are mostly utility spells, centered around moving things around or to alter existing things.


The element of healing is concerned with defense and regeneration. Healers seek to protect themselves and their allies as much as possible and as such can be very difficult opponents. Though generally not used as an attack, the purifying light of some healing spells will do considerable damage to the undead. Healing spells are indispensable when in combat.
The Wizard's Handbook

Healing spells are centered on either healing the player and its allies, protecting them or granting them beneficial status effects