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Elementium Chestplate

Armor rating6 (Armor.svgArmor.svgArmor.svg)

The Elementium Chestplate is an armor piece added by Botania. It can use Mana from a Mana Tablet or any other Mana providing item in the player's inventory to prevent item damage or repair itself, using 70 Mana per point of durability.

If the player is attacked while wearing this armor piece, there's an 17% chance to spawn a Pixie going after the attacker. The chance stacks additively with other worn armor and accessories.

If the player is wearing a complete set of Elementium armor, they will gain the Great Fairy's Blessing set bonus:

  • 10% decrease of the Mana cost on all Mana-using tools and rods,
  • Pixies spawned by the wearer will inflict a random potion effect for 2 seconds: either Blindness, Wither, Slowness or Weakness.

Phantom Ink can be applied to this item in the crafting grid to turn it invisible.


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