Electron Tubes

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Electron Tubes

Thermionic Fabricator reporting insufficient liquid glass

Electron Tubes are utility items added by Forestry. They are used to configure Multifarms and to change the operational characteristics of Electrical Engines and other Forestry machines. Electron Tubes are created in the Thermionic Fabricator. They must be inserted into a Circuit Board before use.



A Thermionic Fabricator must be placed and powered. Sand or Glass should be placed in the top-left slot. As the Thermionic Fabricator heats up, the sand will be melted into liquid glass. Each set of 4 Electron Tubes requires 500 mB of liquid glass.

The recipe for the tubes should be marked out in the Thermionic Fabricator's crafting grid. The crafting grid only creates ghost items. The actual items must be placed in the inventory slots at the bottom.

If the Thermionic Fabricator has sufficient power and materials, it will craft the Electron Tubes and output to the slot at the bottom-right.


Effects of Electron Tubes

For the use of Circuit Boards and Electron Tubes in the Multifarm, see Multifarms.

Machine Upgrades

The Squeezer and Centrifuge will accept Circuit Boards to upgrade their performance. The effects of Electron Tubes are as follows:

Type Max Speed Power
Golden 2 N/A -10%
Emerald 4 +12.5% +5%
Blazing 4 +25% +10%

Electrical Engines

The Electrical Engine can accept Circuit Boards to tweak its operational characteristics. The effects of Electron Tubes are as follows:

Type Max Change in EU Change in RF
Copper 1 -2 EU/t -10 RF/t
Tin 2 +7 EU/t +20 RF/t
Bronze 2 +15 EU/t +40 RF/t
Iron 1 -1 EU/t N/A