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Electrical Engine

Mod Forestry
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Energy Production
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Output 20 RF/t
Buffer 75,000 RF
Explosive No
Locks down? Yes

The Electrical Engine is a Forestry engine that converts 6 EU/t into 20 RF/t, accepting any voltage (LV, MV, HV or EV). The Electrical Engine has 4 different upgrades that can be applied to it using a Soldering Iron.



Type of Electron Tube Effect(Max Stack) Change in EU input Change in RF output

Choke (1) -2 EU/t -10 RF/t

Boost I (2) +7 EU/t +20 RF/t

Boost II (2) +15 EU/t +40 RF/t

Efficiency (1) -1 EU/t +/-0 RF/t