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This page is about the Electric Wrench added by GregTech 5. For other uses, see Electric Wrench.

ModGregTech 5
Tooltip textHold Leftclick to dismantle Machines

Rotates Blocks on Rightclick
Mining levelVarious
Mining speedVarious

The Electric Wrench is a tool added by GregTech 5 as an electric version of the Wrench. See Wrench for a list of its uses.


The Electric Wrench is made from Stainless Steel, Titanium, or Tungstensteel components, a battery, a motor, and a Wrench Tip.

Wrench (LV)

Wrench (MV)

Wrench (HV)

The battery may be filled with either Sodium, Cadmium, or Lithium, and must be the correct size for the voltage tier of the tool. The battery may be charged or empty. If it is charged, the resulting tool will be created with the same charge contained in the battery.

Wrench Tip

The Wrench Tip is crafted with a Steel Ring, two Steel Screws, and four of the same plates of any tool material. It is used to craft all tiers of the Wrench.

The Wrench Tip defines the tool's durability, speed, and mining level. For a list of tool materials, see Material Properties. Additionally, the Electric Wrench improves upon the base material as follows:

  • LV Wrench: 2x Mining Speed
  • MV Wrench: 3x Mining Speed, 2x Durability
  • HV Wrench: 4x Mining Speed, 4x Durability


The Electric Wrench can be used to craft items and to rotate and break blocks as described in Wrench. Any use of the Electric Wrench consumes EU instead of durability, with a 4% chance of also consuming durability. The Electric Wrench still has a limited lifetime, and will break and disappear when its durability runs out.

An Electric Wrench with any amount of durability can be placed in a Disassembler to recover some or all of its components.