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Electric Track

TypeSolid block
Tooltip textDanger: High Voltage
Powered by Electricity
Use with Electric Locomotive
Use Electric Feeder Units to power
Use Shunting Wire to bridge gaps
Required modulesElectric Tracks
Charge storage10000.00
Energy loss0.05 per tick

The Electric Track is a special type of minecart track from the Railcraft mod. This track is designed to move Electric Locomotives. Technically, normal carts can move on it, but it isn't conventional.

They are meant to be placed on Wire Support Frames with Electric Shunting Wires, so that they can receive their required energy, so they can give energy to the locomotive. They can store 10000 energy at a loss rate of 0.05 per tick.

When a player stands on a powered Electric Track, they will be damaged, and quickly killed. This has custom death messages. Player in these changes from player-to-player, just like the vanilla Minecraft death messages:

  • Player pissed on an electrified track
  • Player discovered the meaning of "High Voltage"
  • Player was enlightened to wonders of electrification
  • Player tripped on the third rail
  • Player made a shocking revelation
  • Player learned something about electricity, IT HURTS!