Electric Motor (RotaryCraft)

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This page is about the RotaryCraft Electric Motor. For other uses, see Electric Motor.
Electric Motor

Liquid storage24000 mB
EU storage90000 EU

The Electric Motor is a RotaryCraft generator. It is used to generate RotaryCraft Shaft Power from IndustrialCraft 2 EU. If IndustrialCraft 2 is not installed, this machine cannot be crafted.



The Electric Motor can be upgraded 5 times. Upgrades are applied by right-clicking an Electric Motor in-world with the item for the upgrade. Each upgrade quadruples its Torque and doubles its maximum Speed. Its Torque is fixed to its tier, but its speed is set via its GUI. However, as its power output increases, its energy efficiency decreases substantially. Also via its GUI, a toggle can be set to choose whether or not the Motor will respond to a Redstone signal, allowing it to be switched on or off.

The Electric Motor generates heat while it is running, and can accept Liquid Nitrogen with which to cool itself. Tier 0 and 1 Electric Motors should operate safely on their own, but Tier 2 and above Motors must be cooled. If an Electric Motor reaches a temperature of 500C, it will explode.

Electric Motor Tiers
Tier Upgrade Item Torque Max Speed Max Power EU/t for max speed Watts per EU/t
8 Nm 256 Rad/sec 2.048kW 2 1024
32 Nm 512 Rad/sec 16.384kW 10 1638
128 Nm 1024 Rad/sec 131.072kW 85 1542
512 Nm 2048 Rad/sec 1.049MW 677 1549
2048 Nm 4096 Rad/sec 8.389MW 5727 1465
8192 Nm 8192 Rad/sec 67.109MW 48396 1387