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Electric Jetpack

ModIndustrialCraft 2
Armor rating0 ()
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EU storage30,000 EU

The Electric Jetpack is a simpler version of the standard Jetpack. It has no armor rating, and a maximum EU storage of 30,000 EU. The jetpack has a Hover Mode which drains the charge slower, and can prevent fall damage while charged.



The jetpack is used in crafting an Advanced Electric Jetpack. It can be charged in a BatBox or anything higher tier. You can also use a Solar Helmet, and it's recommended to wear any kind of fall protection while doing this at night.

To start flying, hold the jump key. The jetpack has a limited flying height of y-level 185 in the Overworld, and y-level 96 in the Nether. The normal jetpack can fly at y-level 245 in the Overworld.
The Electric jetpack has a Hover Mode, which can be switched by pressing the Mode Switch key (default 'M' - this may conflict with other mods, and can be configured in Options), while pressing the Jump key. In Hover Mode, ascending is slower, and the jetpack will slowly descent if the Jump button is released. This prevents fall damage as long as there's charge in the jetpack.

A fully charged Electric jetpack can fly for about 215 seconds without Hover Mode, and 375 seconds with Hover Mode, versus the regular Jetpack's 60 seconds. Unlike the normal jetpack, the Electric jetpack remains powerful until it's completely discharged.