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Electric Enchanter

ModIndustrialCraft 2 Classic
Max EU input512 EU/t
EU use500 EU/t
EU storage1,000,000 EU

The Electric Enchanter is a machine in IndustrialCraft 2 Classic. It operates as a combination of the vanilla Enchantment Table and Anvil, consuming Energy Units (EU), Books or Enchanted Books, and player levels to enchant items potentially more heavily than the vanilla Enchantment Table or Anvil.



Similar to a vanilla Enchantment Table, the Electric Enchanter requires Bookshelves around it to operate. Each Bookshelf allows it to hold 1 additional level of experience for use in enchanting.

To enchant an item, place the item to be enchanted in the center slot of the Table, then insert 1-3 Books or Enchanted Books into the upper 3 slots. Once a Book and item are present, the Enchanter will request experience. Once Levels and EU (via batteries or cables) are provided, the Start button becomes available. (All requested levels must be provided, however they do not need to be provided all at once. They can be deposited over time.) Once the Start button is pressed, the Enchanter will start to consume energy to enchant the item. Enchanting an item requires 1,000 ticks at 500 EU/t. If the target item is removed during this time, progress will be lost, but the Books and experience levels are not consumed until the enchanting completes.

When enchanting completes, the target item will be given a number of random enchantments, based on the number of Books consumed. Each Book consumed will guarantee one Enchantment is applied to the item. The strength of enchantments applied (I-V) depends on the number of experience levels consumed. Additionally, if Enchanted Books are used, the enchantments from the Books will be applied on top of the normal randomly selected enchantments. This means that when consuming normal books, up to 3 Enchantments can be applied, but with Enchanted Books, up to 6 Enchantments can be applied. This also means that if Enchanted Books are used, items can be very strongly enchanted for only one level of experience.

The Electric Enchanter can also act in a limited Anvil mode. If an Enchanted item is inserted in stead of an unenchanted item, Enchantments from Enchanted Books can be directly applied to it. However, incompatible enchantments (Fortune / Silk Touch) cannot be applied to the same item, and attempting to do so will still consume Enchanted Books. Adding Enchantments in Anvil Mode consumes 500 EU/t for 100 ticks.