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Eis Bee
Latin Name essentia magica glacium Description
Discovered by MysteriousAges "They keep stealing stuff from me,
and I never see them.
They're far too slippery."
Added by Mod Magic Bees
Branch Essential Branch
isNocturnal No
Product Specialty

Potent Comb
Base Chance: 12%
Ice Essence
Base Chance: 7%

Default Attributes

Speed Slowest Cave Dwelling No
Lifespan Longest Nocturnal No
Fertility 2 Drones Rain Tolerant Yes
Pollination Slowest Temperature Cold
Territory 9x6x9 Temp. Tolerance +2
Flowers Exotic Flowers Humidity Normal
Effect Freezing Humid. Tolerance -2


Mutates from
Parent 1 Parent 2 Result Chance

Watery Bee

Wasser Bee

Eis Bee

Special Notes

  • Can only be bred, if Ars Magica is also used.