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Current developersBlayTheNinth
Version1.8.9: 4.9.12
1.8.8: 4.9.2
1.8: 3.9.272
1.7.10: 2.9.402
1.7.2: 1.7.22
1.6.4: 1.7.6
1.5.2: 1.4.3
Supported Minecraft versions1.5.2-1.8.9
Test Pack Please Ignore

EiraIRC is a mod by BlayTheNinth used to bridge the Minecraft chat with IRC channels. It works on clients and servers independently. When installed on a server, it will create a bridge-bot, that relays messages from IRC to the in-game chat and vice versa without requiring the players to have the mod installed. On the client, it allows the user to switch between which chat they are talking in.

This mod is very similar to ForgeIRC, though it has much more advanced features and configurations.

EiraIRC allows the player to automatically upload screenshots that are taken to Imgur or DirectUpload and share them in Minecraft chat or IRC. Additionally, it supports Twitch channel chat as well as private IRC messages. EiraIRC can also be configured to relay player events such as deaths to the IRC channel(s) or allow specific authorized users to run OP commands from the IRC channel for remote server control. The !who command can be run to output a message to the channel describing who is on the server or servers.

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